Online Marketing

Being online is one thing and online marketing is absolutely another. Digital or online marketing is a must today if you really want to leverage the power of the internet. Simply having a presence (a good start for sure) is still a passive way of marketing. It is just a baby step towards digital marketing.

Offline Marketing

Yes, even with the massive penetration of online and digital marketing, offline marketing is still a very strong method and tool to reach a lot of clients more effectively. Personal dialogues, personal contacts are still as strong as ever marketing methods than before. This fact is true more so because many companies and brands have simply jumped totally on the digital bandwagon. It leaves a big opportunity for all smarter brands to exploit. Malls, Social gatherings, Sports outlets, get together, seminars and a lot of other people-centric events are the perfect opportunities to get your message across, reach your audience, connect with them and generate leads for your business. Zybeq Media helps you execute and tap all offline marketing possibilities.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media needs no introduction in today's age, does it ? We are all connected more than ever in the history of civilization. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Whatsapp, etc. There are simply too many strong social networks that are a wealth of marketing opportunities especially in a tailored, customized and personalized manner. Social Media gives a big insight into people's choices, product preferences, habits, inclinations and therefore a chance for every marketer to customize the marketing pitch to appeal to the clients' specific tastes. With Zybeq Media on your side, you have a digital partner that understands and delivers all the social media presence, reach, strategy and of course the business that your brand requires.

Website Design

A good, responsive website design is the stepping stone to your online business success. Apart from being an online identity for you, your website can suggest a lot of things to your potential clients even before they pick up the phone to call you or write a mail to contact you. With mobile phones in literally every person’s hand today, your business is just micro seconds away from gaining or losing a customer. Dull, lifeless, difficult to navigate and outdated websites can immediately turn a positive customer into a negative one and he or she will jump on to the next option (read “your competitor”) at the click of a button. On the other hand a well presented website with good copy which is also easy to navigate & understand can make a positive impact turning a lukewarm prospect into a customer for your business. Zybeq Media specializes in delivering websites and web portals that are rich in content, responsive (work seamlessly across all devices including mobile phones, of course) and adhere to the highest UI and UX standards.


Events are a great way to get together people, to generate buzz about a product and create an impactful impression. Zybeq Media helps clients organize themed events both on a large scale as well small scale to tap potential, selected customers and interact with them on a personal level for a more fruitful business conversion. The events range from High tea parties, wine & cheese events, musical events to luxury events, tasteful art shows and much more.


As the internet has penetrated all aspects of our lives, the ways to reach clients has exploded multifold. One of the strongest ways to reach AND influence clients is films. YouTube is one of the most visited sites on planet Earth today. A well executed film on a certain subject can help you stand out from the advertising crowd, create a much deeper impact and the chances of the same going viral are much higher. This obviously results in a much better ROI and client response. Zybeq Media has a team of talented professionals - from script writers, directors, thought gurus, cinematographers to actors to create great videos and films to promote your business using this very important tool in today's times.

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